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The Hero of River City, who goes by the name of The Chiseled Champ, has been sent out to defeat the Tiny Dancers Gang. The nefarious Tiny Dancers have kidnapped the mayor's prized poodle Shnippers. The Hero never goes on the march without his loyal news team to cover all the action. Little do they know, the Hero's inconspicuous sidekick is actually the one dealing with all the danger while the Chiseled Champ swoops in to claim all the glory.

The Tiny Dancers Gang was founded just two blocks off Broadway by the vicious ex-ballerina La D. Da. She only recruits the most twinkle-toed-est of dancers to join her criminal syndicate.

In this riveting tale, you take on the role of The Chiseled Champ's sidekick who must clear out a building full of traps set to kill and dancers ready to tango. Be sure to prepare everything for the Hero's arrival or he will meet a gruesome end on live television. Keep the kids at home for this one folks. It's gonna be a bloodbath.


Developed by:

David Fulbright

James Harbison

Nathaniel Pollack

Craig Broskow

Nick Shade

Voiced by:

Hero - Jacob Casselman

Reporter - Gabriella Sonnenschein

Sidekick - Richard Goode


Video Walkthrough


Install instructions

  • Extract the folder from the ZIP file.
  • Open folder.
  • Launch SuperIncomp01.exe


SuperIncompetent Final Build Exe.zip 201 MB

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